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Therapy and Services

Therapy and Services

Your Life ABA is here to support your family and help your child with autism spectrum or other disabilities. We offer our ABA therapeutic services in a variety of formats with the aim of helping children and families find support where, when, and how best fits their schedule. Here are some of the ways in which your child can receive services.

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After-School Clinics

Many of our clients get great support during the school day, but their needs don’t end when the final bell rings. Our clinics are often each evening to provide easy scheduling and access to therapy for families.

Daytime Clinic Programs

Whether your child has not yet reached school age, or their abilities and goals lie outside of a traditional classroom setting, several of our facilities offer daytime clinic programs that provide necessary therapy during traditional school hours.

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ABA Therapy

If your child or young adult has received an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis, you may be wondering where to go from here. While there are different treatments and therapies for people with ASD, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been proven by medical, psychological, and behavioral health professionals to be the most effective thus far. Learn more about ABA therapy. 

Early Intervention Therapy

Research has proven that starting treatment for ASD as early as possible is imperative to improve behaviors, learn communication and social skills, and assist with cognitive development. If your child has received an ASD diagnosis and is under the age of four, you may want to consider enrolling them in our early intervention therapy as soon as possible.  

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