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About Sterling

Your Life ABA Sterling is located in the Northern Virginia region west of Washington D.C. We specialize in delivering Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other related conditions. Our operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We also offer flexible in-home, school, and in-community services by appointment Mondays through Saturdays. Our approach revolves around collaborating closely with caregivers to craft tailored service plans that cater to each client’s unique needs. Our ultimate goal is to elevate the quality of life for both clients and caregivers. To achieve this, we also conduct monthly caregiver training sessions led by a Board Certified Behavioral Analysis (BCBA). Our center hosts a range of engaging group activities that foster interaction among clients and caregivers in a supportive environment as well.

Getting started with us is straightforward. Caregivers can initiate the referral process by reaching out through our website,, or contacting our Operations Manager via phone at 866-565-7222. Prospective caregivers are invited to schedule tours, granting them a firsthand look at our facilities and services. Subsequently, an initial intake and assessment are conducted to understand the client’s needs and establish clear, individualized goals before initiating direct services.

  • Clinic Leadership
    Michael Sagun

    Agnes Koroma

  • Services Provided

    ABA therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do we serve at Your Life ABA?

    We serve children and adolescents with complex and unique therapy needs.

  • What is ABA?

    ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. Behavior analysis is a science that is built upon principles of behavior and learning. The Applied portion simply means we take this science and use it in the everyday environment, focusing on socially significant behaviors.

  • Who will my team be?

    First off, it is important to know that you are part of the team! The child is part of the team, as we focus on their needs, as well as you parents, who will help teach us about your child, family dynamics, and history. Aside from that, each team will have a Behavior Analyst (who supervises and develops programming), and technicians who will work directly with your child, running goals and programs.

  • What are the qualifications of my Your Life ABA team members?

    Supervising Behavior Analysts will hold a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis, Special Education, or a related field, paired with a credential by our Board, the BACB. The credential is a BCBA. Sometimes, to offer more support and oversight, a BCaBA will be assigned to your case, and that stands for Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. These are individuals who have also passed a certification from the board, have accumulated a given experience in the field, but do not have a master’s level degree. Finally, the technician will be yet another credential, the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). These are folks who are assigned based on teaching and testing requirements and are constantly being supervised by their analysts.

  • What skills are taught in ABA?

    Everything! However, what will commonly be seen are foundational attending and learning skills, self-help and activities of daily living, social and language-based skills, as well as functional behaviors that will work to decrease any problem behavior.

  • What does an ABA therapy session look like?

    We use a variety of teaching methods. So, while some clients benefit from a naturalistic, play-based approach, where we insert teaching opportunities throughout the shift, others may benefit from a structured, less cluttered environment where we focus and introduce skills more strategically. The rule of thumb is the child should have fun, be motivated, and we should be working on a variety of skills throughout. We take data on all skills, so you will see a lot of data at the end of the shift!

  • How involved can I be, as a parent?

    As involved as you want. We want to have parents collaborate, which allows strategies to be consistent from environment to environment. We want parents to observe from time-to-time, and we will also have training built in, from specific programs to techniques. A critical part of the program is for parents to actually learn to run programs and receive feedback from their supervisors.

  • How will I learn about the progress my child is making?

    We will have daily session notes which are available to you, as well as an electronic program book, where you can see the programs, the current scores and levels, and progress over time. In addition, monthly parent meetings will occur to go over any specifics.

  • How long will therapy be?

    Day to day, this will be based on the needs of your child. Some children need to supplement school with some ABA therapy, while some children will need more of a full-day program, dependent on age and need. Based on the amount of goals determined to be needed to work on, we will be authorized a certain amount of hours per week/month. Long-term, our goal is to fade down hours and fade your child out of ABA therapy over time. This happens sooner for some learners, and longer for others.

  • What makes Your Life ABA different?

    As mentioned above, our ultimate goals and a successful ABA program leads to a child not needing therapy any longer. At Your Life ABA, we aim to fade down services when the time is right. That makes us different. Additionally, we work to include the entire family unit, meet a child where they are, and provide services when and where you need us.

  • How do I get started?

    It’s easy! Fill out this form here and a client services specialist will reach out and start the process. Or, give us a call at 866-565-7222 or drop us a line We are excited to talk with you!