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Early Intervention Therapy

Early intervention is when a child starts receiving therapy for ASD when they are around or under the age of three. Research shows that the earlier a child with ASD starts treatment, the more likely they are to have stronger cognitive, social, and behavioral skills. One of the main reasons that early intervention therapy is more effective is because the younger a child is, the easier it is to shape their development and behaviors due to the plasticity of the brain.  

Research also shows that intensive early intervention therapy is more effective, so the more a child is able to participate in therapy, the better the outcomes.

early intervention therapy

Our early intervention therapy programs:

  • Support clients ages 18 months – six years old with the following diagnoses: autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities
  • Allow you to work with expert team members including: Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, Behavior Technicians, and more.
  • Include a telehealth option

Our early intervention therapy programs are offered at the following locations:

  • Roanoke
  • Lynchburg
  • Northern Neck
  • Petersburg
  • NOVA
  • Chase City

Please contact us to find out more information and enroll in our early intervention therapy program.

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