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ABA Therapy techniques to Use at Home

ABA Therapy Techniques to Use at Home

This blog was written by Erin Taylor, Clinic Manager, and Elisabeth Furlong, Registered Behavior Technician at Applied Behavioral Services in Cincinnati, Ohio. ABS is part of the New Story network of schools, clinics, and services.

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy techniques can be adapted for home use to support children with autism. Whether your child is completing a chore or learning a new skill, a key aspect is to break down tasks into smaller steps to make it more achievable for your child. Offer clear and positive instructions and reinforce small successes with praise or rewards using the token economy. It is important to be patient, allowing your child time to understand and practice new behaviors. Use visual schedules or charts to enhance communication and comprehension. Additionally, incorporate natural opportunities for learning throughout the day, turning everyday activities into chances for skill-building.

Elisabeth Furlong, Registered Behavior Technician, began using a token economy at home with her son’s chores. His chores consist of helping with the vacuuming, dusting, picking up his toys and clutter around the house and yard work with the help of a 10-star token economy board. “My son loves playing on the iPad and getting a new game to play is extremely motivating for him. We decided that each chore he helps us with is worth 1/2 of a star. Once he earns 10 stars, he can pick a new game. This guides him to take more initiative around the house and be more helpful, but also teaches him the value of working for rewards.”

There are many ways to incorporate token economy boards into life at home. They are a great tool that makes it easier for children to visualize their goals and to motivate them to earn their tokens for rewards they love in return for contributing to a supportive environment that fosters their growth and development.

Read more about how to set up a Token Economy at home here.

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